About LDC

London Drum Company or LDC as we're known by so many has been offering a mix of services to the drum and percussion community since 2004. 

Simon The Who

LDC was set up in 2004 by internationally recognised drum technician Simon Jayes.

Having worked for years for Pearl drums, the world's largest independent manufacturer of drums, LDC was set up primarily as a retail outlet to service south London's busy music scene. Having grown up in this part of London it was with some pride that LDC soon established itself as the go to provider of drums and percussion in the area and very quickly way beyond the borders of London.

Today LDC is used by some of the most recognisable and respected artists, bands and orchestras from all over the world. Working with the world's leading manufacturers and builders LDC continues to grow and develop it's service offerings to reflect the ever changing demands of the music and entertainment industry.

Simon The Who

Our impressive client list

LDC has amassed quite the client list over the past 20 years. As diverse as it large, it enables us to draw on a truly unrivalled level of experience to help shape our service levels and approach to our work. 

Constantly growing and evolving our client list reflects our ability to adapt and repsond to the demands of whoever we are working with no matter the size or setting of the project.