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Zildjian Gen-16 Low Volume Cymbals and Digital Processor

14" Hi Hat, 16" Crash, 18" Crash, 20" Ride • Gen-16

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The Gen16 Acoustic / Electric “A.E.” Cymbal System represents a shift in cymbal design from Zildjian. Utilizing patented reduced volume acoustic cymbals, patented cymbal pickup and Digital Cymbal Processor “DCP” to tone shape the sound of each cymbal the user can apply an array of tone shapes to each real Zildjian Gen16 cymbal.  Unlike cymbal triggers, Gen16 cymbals may be played with sticks, rods or mallets. They can be brushed and choked like traditional cymbals because they are real cymbals. 

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Zildjian Gen-16 Low Volume Cymbals and Digital Processor

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