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LDC boss Simon Jayes has been out with Zak Starkey and the Who on the bands 50th Anniversary tour which started with a run of arena shows at the end of 2014. The tour will continue throughout 2015 in the US and is set to carry on in to 2016.





The kit is an Acrylic shell set made for Zak by DW Drums and has 9 drums in total - 12x8, 13x9 (x2), 14x10, 16x16F, 18x18F, 22x16B (x2) with a Ludwig 402 as the snare drum.

Cymbals are all Zildjian and are custom made to spec for Zak by the guys at Zildjian. Its a mix of 20, 21 and 22 K Crash rides. The hi hats (mounted on a DW9000 remote hat above the right hand bass drum are a combination of 17" Avedis Thin (top) and Avedis Medium (bottom) crash cymbals.

Drumsticks are Zak's signature Zildjian model.

Drumheads are Remo clear emperors on toms with ambassador clear resonants, CS Ambassadors on snare and clear Powerstroke 3 front and back on bass drums.

"Working with such a legendary band as the Who is an honour and something I'm really proud of. Zak is an amazing drummer but more than that a genuinely talented musician, someone I'm learning a lot from by working with him".