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Placebo Tour 2014 - Soundwaves Festival, Australia


Simon has started working with Steve Forrest of Placebo on a more permanent basis...

"We spent a few weeks out in Australia on the SoundWaves bill in February and March. We started with a few days rehearsals at Trackside Studios".


Steve uses SJC Acrylic Shells... 14x12 tom, 16x16 and 18x16 floor toms with a 24x24 bass drum. 

The snare drum is a 14x7 Hybrid shell - part acrylic, part maple. Triple flanged hoops. Steve has a 12x6 Acrylic Shell Snare on his left.

Cymbals are Zildjian 14" K Custom Hybrid Hats, 19" and 20" A Custom Crashes, 21" K Crash Ride, 20" A Custom China and an 11" Zilbel.

Sticks are Vic Firth Signature Model and heads are Remo



"The tour had a lot of shows crammed in including a couple of side shows that were headline Placebo shows. They were in a couple of lovely old theatres..."


The kit has a few extras on the left hand side (Steve obviously playing righthanded...). There is an LP Jam Block, an LP mounted tambourine and a Rhythmtech Ribbon Crasher.



Live Steve wears in ear monitors and we use a thumper system. Specifically there is a 'Buttkicker' unit attached to the bottom of the drum throne.



Hardware is a combination of DW and Pearl. The pedals are DW 9000 Series, the cymbal stands are a combination of Pearl's 1000 and 2000 series 'Advanced Series' hardware range.






"One of the great things about the tour is the amount of bands that are part of the tour. On our stage were Biffy ClyroRichie SamboraAlice in Chains and Green Day. Literally dozens of bands on loads of stages all moving from one city to the next... awesome! Bands like Korn, The Living End, Rob Zombie, Crosses, Living Colour... loads!!"


 "I'll Admit to a couple of late nights!... We went to see Gojira and Mastadon one night followed by Rob Zombie and Korn the next night... it was brilliant, just brilliant to go and see some good bands and enjoy a gig from the audience. Something I've not done for a while". 

"Steve is a great drummer to work with. He's on top of his gig, his gear is in great shape and he's good company. Happy days!"