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LDC Visits D'Addario Factory


LDC Owner Simon was invited by his long time friend Marco Soccoli to take a trip out to the D'Addario factory whilst on a recent trip to New York. As well as a couple of meetings there was a full factory tour which gave an up close experience on just how Evans Drumheads are made.

The effort that has been put in to pushing these heads forward is genuinely impressive. Completey re-designed, machines re-tooled and constant inspection has meant a true difference to what they were producing in years gone by. These heads are now a serious choice and are not to be ignored!




They really have a very well organised Factory floor, friendly, motivated staff and a real positive direction obvious in everyone you talk to. The machinery is impressive and the level of hand control is higher than you might think. This gives a guarantee of quality and accountability at all stages of production.



Each hoop is precision welded....





But perhaps the most fun was in the prototype room! We had some fun in here!!...



A great day ended with fantastic food and friends.... Jojo Mayer, Steven Wolff, Carmin Appice, Rocky Bryant, Marco Soccoli and Simon.... Nice!