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Dream Theatre Signature kit sold and delivered! (2012)

This exclusive deal offered up the unique opportunity for someone to buy themselves a completely one off drum set and VIP package that combined a complete replica set up of Mike Mangini’s Dream Theatre kit combined with the chance to fly out and meet  Mike at a Dream Theatre concert of their  choice.

The package was quickly snapped up and LDC owner Simon  Jayes personally delivered and set the drum set in its new  home and said  “It was my pleasure to be able to pull on my  contacts and resources to make this package available  through LDC. Not only does this deal  showcase our unique  position in the market place but just goes to show that sales  don’t always have to be the normal offerings from suppliers. It  was a real delight to be able to do this and just as before  when we sold the Neil Peart R30 signature kit this is a truly  unique offering. Rest assured this won’t be our last package  of this kind!!" - Pictured left, the kit at its new home!